Monday, February 7, 2011

Begin Here.

Makes it sound so easy... "Begin here."

A sneaky summer in San Francisco this weekend meant that there was less of the above getting done, and much more Dolores-Park-Playing, restaurant-patio-chatting and adventuring in convertibles.  Vacationing in one's neighborhood is, come to find out, an extremely solid way to stave off work-week worries.
A local artist's new Mission District mural in the making.
Today is Day Seven of "Poem-A-Day" for the month of February.  I am so in love with this project, mostly because I anticipated the results so poorly.  Really, I mean that I had expected the poems to be more individual, rooted in the daily and specific to the rapid "now" that the project demands.  Instead, they are creating something collective and sticky that makes me yearn for a potential end-of-the-month chapbook build. Twenty-one more days to find out what this will become!