Book Reviews (By Genre)


Barnes, Eric - Something Pretty, Something Beautiful
Belfar, Edward - Wanderers
Berwin, Margot - Scent of Darkness
Blau, Jessica Anya - The Wonder Bread Summer
DuBow, Charles - Indiscretion
Gordon, Dave - Mystery Girl
Harding, Paul - Enon
Jones, Sadie - The Uninvited Guests
Kalotay, Daphne - Sight Reading
Kingsolver, Barbara - Flight Behavior
Liebegott, Ali - The Beautifully Worthless
Lispector, Clarice - Near to the Wild Heart
Mochari, Ilan - Zinksy the Obscure
Naslund, Sena Jeter - The Fountain of St. James Court...
Parrish, Anne Leigh - Our Love Could Light the World

Echols, Damien - Life After Death
Lispector, Clarice - Agua Viva



Bender, Aimee - The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake  
Berney, Lou - Whiplash River
Craig, Maggie - The Narrows
Danforth, Emily - The Miseducation of Cameron Post
DeWitt, Helen - Lightning Rods 
Erdrich, Louise - The Round House
Gemmell, Nikki - With My Body
Green, John - The Fault in Our Stars
Harman, Patricia - The Midwife of Hope River
Jones, Shane - Light Boxes
Levy, E.J. - Love, In Theory
McMahon, Tyler - How the Mistakes Were Made
Raymond, Jon - Rain Dragon
Thayil, Jeet - Narcopolis
Walker, Karen Thompson - Age of Miracles


LaCava, Stephanie - An Extraordinary Theory of Objects


Gjoka, Sami  - If I Go To Hell
Hennessy, Christopher - Love-In-Idleness
White, Arisa - Hurrah's Nest