Hi! I'm Karen. I'm 29 years old and I live in a sunny, book-filled apartment with my kitten in San Francisco.  I moved here from Kentucky after getting my undergrad degrees in English and Theatre.  For a year, I was a touring actress and traveled the West Coast.  

  Now, I've finished my MFA in Writing [Poetry] at USF. When I'm not poem-ing, you can find me crocheting enormous blankets, trying to get to the bottom of my never-ending "Things to Read" pile, and frolicking around the city with amazing friends.

Violin-ing is pretty much my favorite thing ever. [My awesome white electric violin occasionally makes appearances, too.]

I love
bubble baths, podcasts, macaroni and cheese, accidentally knocking over big piles of things,  pin-up couture, tattoos, great vinyl, giant antique nautical paintings, Vietnamese food, and all things hand-made. 

What does "Conceptual Reception" mean? 

After my year of touring, I started working in Silicon Valley to pay for grad school [and yarn and books and vermicelli, of course.] I am so inspired by the way I get to be the point person for a constant influx of conversations and ideas.  Underneath a surface of the apparently corporate, there are a lot of beautiful, enriching things dying to bubble up.

"Conceptual Reception" started as an attempt to catalog as many new adventures as possible, while spending every day learning and growing from the numerous concepts that come my way.  Now it is a chronicle of inspiration, my new creations, and the parade of loveliness that is life in San Francisco.

Thanks for reading!