Friday, June 25, 2010

Ten Things I Love Friday

1) The New York Times (Especially the crossword.)

2) "500 Days of Summer" - This movie is just beautiful. Cinematography, soundtrack, story-line... I'm completely in love.

3) The Pixies! (Today, I can't stop listening to "Here Comes Your Man." Perhaps related to item #2 above.)

4) Karen O. in this music video ("Zero.") My "locomoting through the Mission" inspiration. Get your leather on!

5) Robin's egg blue nails. It's summer, ya'll.

6) Giant headphones. Insta-soundtrack wherever you are.

7) Steampunk paperbacks! Gail Carriger's trilogy is such a nice respite from thesis-writing. Brass parasols and aviator goggles included :)

8) Pin-up couture.

9) Tuning up the cruiser in time for good weather! Gotta get on this. It's been suffering away in a scary basement.

10) Roller derby! No throwing elbows. GOT IT?

And now, as it is my lunch break, I leave you to celebrate a combination of these things.

Happy Pride Weekend, San Francisco! Party time in .... 3, 2, 1!



ICantPayMyFines said...

Is this going to be a weekly column? Yes. Please.

Companion said...

yay best Pixies song. I'm still not sure if it's about child molesters... frank black you sick genius bastard

Katie said...

Huge fan of NY Times crosswords and 500 Days of Summer! And you!