Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Farewell, Casiotone! [[Hello, Free Time!]]

Last weekend, Owen Ashworth played his last gig as "Casiotone for the Painfully Alone." Openers at this Bottom of the Hill gig included disappointing girl group, "The Ian Fays" and some jammy bros that call themselves "The Donkeys."  The thirteen year anniversary of his first performance as CFTPA, this show was electric and intensely emotional, with a heavy dose of party towards the end. The last several songs (pre-encore) saw Ashworth backed by The Donkeys.  Hearing these tunes fleshed out with a full band was a fantastic surprise.
Great use of white space, poster-people.
At the end of his last song, a tearful Ashworth threw his hands up triumphantly: "I QUIT!"  Eruption.  CFTPA has been a really important musical project for me, having had a huge influence on my writing and poetics.Of course, I'm sad to see it go.  Owen promises that he's already starting work on Round 2, and he will reappear in 2011 with a project called Advance Base.  I can't wait.

The Ian Fays wear only red and black. How mod.  (Psych.)

No one ever played the sitar that was onstage all night. Rude.
Owen's last hurrah.

In other news, fall semester is over, recuperation (read: falling asleep everywhere for several days straight) has occurred, and Christmas break is right around the corner. Forward motion!

Golden Gate Bridge Stroll  (Not a place for arbitrary napping.) 

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