Friday, January 14, 2011

"I Hang On By..."

One line from this poem has been playing on loop in my head all week.  This beautiful thing is Charles Olson's.

[[I do not doubt the flower exists. Simply, it isn't there.]]

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Dro said...

this poem... and also your typewriter... are badass beyond belief... i aspire to one day be as cool as you...

on a similar note... in an effort to raise my coolness quotient... i recently read the "novel" Light Boxes, by Shane Jones (i found it on npr's website)... def. recommend if you still have time for a short little fairy tale... it's written in some sort of prosetry... and i think you'd like it, or find it pretentious, or both...

keep blogging!... i love reading yr voice!

all the best!