Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Trifecta of Happiness: Round 1

1 book + 1 movie + 1 song = heck yes.

I finished "The Chronology of Water" in about 48 hours (meaning, I couldn't stop reading.)  I become leery when I see "memoir" (a conversation that has been beaten and bloodied on lit blog after lit blog) but Lidia's work is poetic and charged.  (Not to mention, this was a lovely mini-vacation between last day of classes and first day of off-the-grid-thesis-writing.)

An amazing documentary about art, trauma, what "inner life" can mean... and Barbies.  I feel certain I will watch this again.

Dance it out with The Rassle.

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Danny said...

Is that song the one you sent earlier that you've since promised to try and make me an mp3 of? Or am I in a new music haze an unable to recognize key melodic differences? Either way, I like it (...or both).