Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mailbox Magic: "Damascus" and Mary Kay

My mailbox, tiny though it may be, has been a pretty happening place lately.  The delight of finding a padded surprise-filled mailer, particular when unexpected, is incomparable.

Exhibit A: Care Package from Meghan

Meghan Flannery is one of the most extraordinary humans I have the pleasure of knowing.  We've been adventuring together for the last ten years, and though frequently distanced (Meghan and her brilliant husband recently moved to Brooklyn), the good times have not been staunched.  This talented crafter, chef, music afficionado, sexy librarian (I could keep going) has sent me some of the best care packages a girl could ask for.  When I was living in England, she sent me American peanut butter, mac 'n cheese, and Ranch dressing - staples of my diet that she knew I couldn't access.  Treasure trove, I say!

Here's what I found in my mailbox most recently:

An eyeliner fiend's true love.
Meghan is my Mary Kay rep (read: dealer) and sent me some serious love.  Black eyeliner being ever a part of my personage, she hooked me up with the above-pictured accoutrements: onyx black mascara and this bubbly pink eye-makeup remover. It's pretty much the best ever.  My eyes have been reveling in the glory for days.  Her site is up and running, and she's got free shipping. I'm in big trouble (and so are you.)

Exhibit B: "Damascus" by Josh Mohr

Thanks to a giveaway on my favorite local lit blog, The Rumpus, I got the hook-up on a copy of Josh Mohr's latest book, "Damascus."  Reasons to love this book: It's set in my neighborhood, the book is beautifully designed, and Josh is an alum-turned-prof at my recent alma mater, USF.  He's excellent, his prose is gritty and wicked, and his publisher sent this delicious new book straight to the welcoming silver walls of my mailbox. Nothing left to be desired here, folks.

And now, having already been spoiled rotten, I'm off to dinner at Bushi-Tei with my dining companion and other half, Myla K. Tutt. Knocking on wood, but life is pretty damn good. Hope you are all having a cozy weekend.


punkychewster said...

ooh yes. i have a friend who recently went into the mary kay business. i went to one of her demo parties and fell in love with their miracle set!! you lucky girl!!

♥ Nadine said...

Congrats on winning that book! You are right, the design looks promising. Do you tell us how you liked the book? :)
Ah, Mary Kay. My mother uses everything Mary Kay, too. I want to try it one day, too... As soon as I'm not a student any longer, I want to buy some things.

Have a happy week, friend. xo.

Monica said...

you lucky girl. i adore unexpected packages.

never heard of mary kay.

the book sounds really interesting. i'm going to take a look.

BlythePonytailParades said...

Ooooh I just got some of their black eyeliner <3