Monday, June 11, 2012

New Poetry (More Destruction Loops)

tonight, my mind is
dumpster -
                  lead loaded
                  into pen like syringe.

I sift through the detritus
of seven days:
                 dead dads, dead
                 amor, unrelated

the night crew comes,
                accidental things and,
                well, I wonder -

which will melt first:
                skeleton or story?
                memories or steel?


dreaming each night
   of your death, I

forget sometimes to send
   cards -

your eulogy alive in me
   more than your musty

mudroom, my poems
   still there where you taped them.


locksmith and bartender
know me by name.

lives uniquely
                       in each.


Dro said...

sometimes my insides hurt all lonely... and then i read something that makes me know there's somebody else paying attention to life... maybe even more than me... hittn the spot there kare...

Bucho said...


"which will melt first:
skeleton or story?
memories or steel?"

flat out killer. so good.