Monday, July 30, 2012

Mailbox Monday (with a Mission View)

Photo compliments of Laura Powell. (Check her out on Instagram: lpow88)
Another week of bookish goodness arriving in the mail! And this pile has gotten here in some pretty rad ways:
  • "Whiplash River" by Lou Berney- Review copy from TLC Book Tours and publisher. (Review coming August 14!)
  • "The Midwife of Hope River" by Patricia Harman - Also from TLC/publisher. (Review goes up on August 28!)
  • "So L.A." by Bridget Hoida - Thanks to the author for this beautiful review copy! It was a gorgeous package to open, with a really lovely hand-written note from Bridget herself. <3 Bridget will be doing a super-fun guest post on my blog on September 12 - I can't wait!
  • "Uncontainable Noise" and "Murder on Gasoline Lake" by Steve Davenport - Here comes my favorite story about the books in this pile.  Steve found a post I had written about his poem, "The Sestina Has Been Sinking," and sent me an amazing email to connect.  He mailed me these two books as a lovely thank you for the shout-out. And...
  • "Overpass" by Steven Davenport - Hot off the presses! This came from Steve's publisher, and I can't wait to read and review. I'm such a fan of his work, so to be linked up in this way has been very exciting.
What are you reading this summer?

 P.S. The background in the picture is our view from the office. Pretty amazing, right?

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