Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Review: "Whiplash River" by Lou Berney [[Love Letter to a Protagonist]]

Title: Whiplash River
Lou Berney
William Morrow
Date Published:
July 10, 2012

 Dear "Shake":

You are such a gripping protagonist that I have abandoned my typical reviewery, and have decided instead to write you a love letter. Fictitious though you may be, you have delighted me in such an epic literary way that I've thrown all blogger-professionalism to the wind!

 Running his own restaurant in Belize was by far the most stressful job Shake had ever had.  Driving getaway for the Armenian mob, a Humvee of Salvadorean gangbangers trying to ram you into the Los Angeles River - that, by comparison, was like listening to soft jazz in the tub.

Oh Shake. How I love a bad boy turned good,  Could you exemplify this any more? Answer: no.  Your witty diction coupled with a rough-and-tumble background of drug running, punch-taking and shit-talking gives me a thrill I can't quite qualify.  And then there's your hopeless romanticism, kept well under wraps but delightfully called out by your author.  Everyone loves to read about a solid player, and while you're no stranger to the crime novel fling, your penchant for Victorian pining (and consequential poor decisions) makes my heart ache.  

Shake, I loved you so hard in "Whiplash River" and I want to tell everyone to embark on your adventures.  Truth be told though, I'm feeling jealous about you.  So I'm going to keep our shenanigans on the hush-hush. 

Call me maybe.



trish said...

Dear Karen,

Have I told you lately how much I love your reviews? Because I do. Especially this one. Because now I've got a protagonist I've got to write a love letter to.

Love always,

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