Friday, February 1, 2013

January is the New February (or, Feeling the Love)

I got totally spoiled rotten this January. My mailbox has been a massive party because of lovely friends from across the country and I wanted to do a big bloggy thank you to everyone. 

Exhibit A: New blue hat from Mom! - I lost my favorite slouchy blue hat in September, and after tearing apart my apartment, car, and office, all hope was lost. MOM TO THE RESCUE! She made me a replacement that has all the glory of the original but none of the wear-and-tear.

Exhibit B: Care Package from Colin C! - I think Colin said he started this back in September when I got attacked by crazy-mugger-man. It showed up in the middle of a work-filled Friday this month and I tore it open like a little kid. (This is only part of the care package... there were also mix cds which... omg.) That little Kid Robot unicorn is my new spirit animal.

Exhibit C: Fabric from Kelly - My big sister sent my three chunks of fabric which... let's be real... they're perfect. You can't see it very clearly, but the fabric on the right is dictionary entries for words related to sewing. * dies *

Exhibit D: New Vinyl from Alex - Loren McNames feat. Alex himself! Even the physical record is a piece of art.

Exhibit E: Pile o' Books from Meghan - Meghan is getting ready to have a baby girl but still found time to pop these book club reads in the mail to me. Each one had a note inside with a special Meghan-blurb :) I can't decide which one to read first, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be "Among the Wonderful."

Exhibit F: NECKLACE OF MY DREAMS from Caroline - This was one of those "you know me better than I know myself" moments. I saw this piece on and died inside with the wanting but found restraint. A few weeks later, a box from showed up ... with this inside... sent by Caroline.  OVERJOYED.

I love you all so much. Thanks for making me feel like a million bucks.

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