Friday, December 5, 2008

A Sonnet for My Security Badge (Upon Drowning Slowly in a Toilet)

Amidst the paint-chipped walls, I heard you drop,
And, woeful, watched your face submerge ‘neath scum.
I tried to catch you, tried to cry out “Stop!”
But slow I was, and now I’m e’er so glum.
Oh loyal Badge, I miss you at my side,
Dangling lightly, nymph-like in your sway.
I’ll mourn the way you lightly slapped my thigh,
And how you rode to work with me each day.
Without you, can I ever be complete?
Or lonely Admin will I always be?
Have you gone on to sleep a blessed sleep?
Or will you still give ghostly gifts to me?

Do not feel afraid, my long lost friend…
For you shall be reborn when I push “Print.”

R.I.P 12/5/08

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