Friday, November 12, 2010

November Round-Up

I have been sitting in the desk chair before this wall quite a bit lately. The final push of the semester has begun, the latest issue of Switchback is soon to go live, Thanksgiving effusiveness is around the corner. Additionally, "cider weather" has arrived which means I am suddenly content to watch Hitchcock films and get out the sewing machine on Friday nights. (Many crafting projects a-foot. Pictures on the way!)

To counter my hibernatory thrum, here follows a list of Things I Am Excited About:

1) Lazarus and Benoit Pioulard play Amnesia tonight! Incontestably, they have written much of my all-time favorite music. The timbre of their tunes is perfect for this weather, and the magic of a city where I can walk a few blocks to see these men is not lost on me.

2) Gala Launch for "A Community Writing Itself: Conversations with Vanguard Writers of the Bay Area" tomorrow night at Meridian Gallery. The line-up of poets is delicious (Truong Tran, Elizabeth Robinson, Sarah Rosenthal) but I am beside myself with anticipation to meet the lovely Juliana Spahr. I'm going to try very hard not go go all "Poetry Fan Grrl" on her. No guarantees.

3) Switchback Issue 12 Launch Party - Thursday at Books And Bookshelves (14th and Sanchez.) This is certainly an issue we're very proud of, and I'm so looking forward to hearing colleagues read from their new work. (Oh, and free wine never hurt anybody.)

4) Thanksgiving is almost here! Soon I will be aproned and making macaroons (GOAL) with my inspiring and talented big sis, traipsing through crispy leaves with muchly-missed dear friends, and rocking out to the sultry sounds of my lovely and his Les Paul.

For now, it's work o'clock but delight is on the horizon. I leave you with a quick peek at a new poetry project I started last week.

Autumnally Yours,

Karen Marie


Dro said...

when are you gonna stop being so cool?... we need time to catch up!

Anonymous said...

should you need a copy of any, i have all of hitchcock's movies in box-set form. i have yet to see them all.

-buch daddy