Monday, November 15, 2010

"Yes. Roam."

San Francisco could not have put on a lovelier face this weekend. It was astonishingly warm, making all of my plans for trekking and doing even more pleasant than anticipated.

We were so excited for Lazarus/Benoit on Friday night! Snacks and window-shopping on the way were fun, too.

Sadly, we missed a bit of Lazarus' set but showed up just in time for two songs from his latest album, "The Trickster." So hypnotic were his tunes that the crowd braved the harrowing Amnesia floor to stare up at the lyrics-shaman from a few feet away. Benoit Pioulard unobtrusively took the stage next, where, with hooded jacket zipped up tight, he worked his magic and entranced the lot of us.

Saturday night's poetry reading at Meridian Gallery was full to the brim. Sweet school-pal Alicia and I snagged hot chocolate next door before climbing to the top floor of this epic little art gallery, where we posted up on the hardwood behind the podium and listened joyously to Juliana Spahr, Elizabeth Robinson, Truong Tran.

Oh, and I only freaked out a little when Juliana signed my book.

The last day of the weekend was ushered in with a piping hot brunch, bandied ideas for three dimensional poetry installations, and my mind's eye in the direction of that ever-present homework pile. Here's to one last week of work before Thanksgiving revelry!

Yours truly,

Karen Marie

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