Friday, October 12, 2012

Works In Progress: Ragdoll Love

The fog and rain have descended on San Francisco this week, so I've been holed up in The Stude getting my sew back on.  Not quite ready to start on a dress or other big project, I decided to make some snuggly little dolls (which will make good gifts for new tiny humans that are on their way!)

I found a perfect pattern from Simplicity and am waiting (im)patiently for it to arrive in the mail.
Simplicity 1900

Beth over at The Modern Lady recently made this sweet little lady using the pattern. I'm so smitten with the fabric choices for her dress, and the little flower headband is so perfect.
Bows. Flowers. Pigtails. Win.
I couldn't wait to get started, so I ordered another pattern from Sarah of Dolls and Daydreams. The 3d bangs, glasses, and braids made this pattern irresistible; and it's so customizable. 
Removable glasses! With hearts!
My version of this girl is fresh off the cutting board and ready to get pieced together. I ran out of black felt for her braids, so she's currently sporting a bob (like me) but will soon have some longer locks. 
I've been waiting for the perfect moment to use this cherry fabric.
Sarah's pattern is so straight-forward and easy to use.  I will definitely be frequenting her etsy shop (and the craft store) during my hibernatory season in The Stude.

What are you working on? Or am I the only one hiding from the cold? ;)


Meghan said...


Kelly said...

OMG< this is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!! HINT HINT HINT - GIMME!

Beth Hawks said...

Thank you so much for featuring my doll!!! I love the additional pattern you picked - the design has serious style. I hope you have/had as much fun picking out outfits for them as I did :)

Marla D said...

I love it!!!! How appropriate that someone as cute as a button is making dolls as cute as her.. :) Miss you!!