Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blog Makeover: Complete!

I am exceptionally excited to unveil my shiny, new, redesigned blog!  The amazing Annie of Wattlebird Designs did such an incredible job incorporating my scattered ideas, and making everything lovely and organized.  I'm just pleased as punch with what she's done, and truly can't thank her enough for all of the love she put into this design.

Happily, there's now easy access to both my poetry and my crafty projects.  I've got work left to do on the "About Me" and "Contact" sections but otherwise, it's full steam ahead! 

Here's to beautiful fresh starts and exciting new prospects.


Colin said...


Anonymous said...

Pretty!! Not gonna lie, my favorite is to see your signature...oh how I miss your handwriting (not as much as I miss you of course) can we be pen pals pretty please??

Anonymous said...

^blurg, that was me, Cass <3 ohh blogger hates my blackberry :-/

Meghan said...

AAAAAWWWWW, shit. This is nice.

P.S. The captcha below says "unmeat"lolololol

HazelandMare said...

I really like your blog design! It's really unique with great pops of color. Mine needs a desperate design- it's a bit frumpy. :)

Excited to read more of your posts!

inda liza said...

great makeover! i find myself making mine over wayyy to much. haha. but i also like re-arranging my furniture often too. it's how i deal with stress. : p it's fun!