Thursday, June 16, 2011

Procrastinating Creatively

Things I Am Dying To Do But Can't Because I Should Finish My Thesis First:
  • Relearn / experiment with my Vivitar 3800N (a sturdy, all-manual SLR camera) from high school
  • Make miniature granny square blanket with tiny crochet hook and sock yarn.
  • Finish queen-size teal/gold/brown ripple stitch afghan.
  • Blog make-over - new banner, new "bonus pages", new layout
  • Buy and build new bookshelves.  (My IKEA shelf that I've had for five years collapsed on my foot this weekend.)
  • Organize books by genre. Alphabetize within genre. Celebrate.
  • Take pictures of completed blankets for Etsy shop. Open Etsy shop. Celebrate again.
  • Bust out the sewing machine. Make whale and owl softies. Play.
  • Finish reading Tao Lin's "Bed." (Update: Finished 06/16/11 at lunch.)
  • Finish reading Arielle Greenberg's "Gurlesque."
  • Research crafting, blogging and writing conferences for the upcoming year. Get excited about them, pick some, register.
  • Apply for fellowships. Apply for residencies. Send poems to journals for publication.
  • Respond to emails. Respond to Facebook messages.
  • Write letters to my friends. Make them beautiful. Mail.

Oh, and did I mention that I also work full-time? Keeping busy is the best, but of course a few extra hours wouldn't hurt. 

What is your creative approach to procrastination?


The Skirted Wordsmith said...

My approach looks strikingly like yours! In fact, I am most creative when I have a project I should be doing that I'm not. During my grad thesis, I took up knitting, wrote songs, blogged my heart out, rode my bike, etc, etc. This is all great!

BEAN said...

You forgot "research anchor art and get a tattoo with the one that shall never again be called Love Nugget!"

Joy said...

Sounds like what I did today - procrastinated in the name of creativity! :) Thanks for stopping by, I'm happy you found me..and now I've found you! Happy writing!