Sunday, June 12, 2011

"There were never such devoted sisters."

Subtitle: In Which I Expound Upon the Awesomeness of My Crafty and Adorable Big Sis.
Kelly on tour (plus one stolen dog?)
There is so much "crafty" going on in my family.  Quilting, knitting, crocheting, ice-cream making... My sister Kelly is pretty much the "Jill of all Trades" when it comes to DIY goodness. Her blog Stitchy Quilt Stuff is one of my absolute favorites... I get to keep track of her new projects and get exciting ideas for cute-ifying my apartment. 
Brunch at Kelly's. (See the quilt on the wall? She totally made that.)

Kelly also guest blogs over at Memory Makers (a great scrap-booking resource) and surprised me by doing a special post for my birthday!  (I actually haven't received this card in the mail yet, but the post will suffice....HINT, KELLY.)

In order to keep up with all of this, I've been honing my knitting skills (a new habit I'm using to replace a... well... bad habit I've very successfully given up recently.) Knitting is slow-going for me, especially after years of becoming a crochet master.... But I'm getting there!

Source: Lea Knits
This being said, I leave you now to go work on my thesis, clean out my refrigerator, and enjoy another rainy day in San Francisco.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Karen, I lurv you! And you're right - there never were such devoted sisters! Give us some matching feather fans, and we could totally take the world by storm! xoxoxo! - Kelly

Danny said...

This post is so colorful and fun and makes me want to scrapbook again.
Word Verification: Crold. Hmm.