Sunday, March 4, 2012

Variations on a Theme: The Bettie Bag

Here are the latest creations from the sewing studio!  These two new versions of my latest project (now known fondly as the Bettie Bag) are rocking a similar vibe but doing it their own way. 

Version 1 (Buttons) - This bag was inspired by (and is about to be mailed to) my lovely friend Katie who is far away in Kentucky.  Not much for bows is Ms. Katie, so I made this one a little less girlie and a little more everyday chic ;)

Retro fabric + lined pocket = hooray.
And now, Version Two, which just might be put up for a giveaway over at Dragonflight Dreams later this month. (Hint!)  I won a lucky sponsorship spot at Amanda's sweet blog, so keep your eyes peeled for updates if you want to add my newest bag to your collection.

I hope you all had a gorgeous weekend. It was in the seventies here in San Francisco so there was no shortage of fun around here.  (I actually put down NetGalley and turned off the sewing machine... I, too, am shocked.)

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