Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weekend Musicology: The Civil Wars

Laura wrote a really sweet post this week about the ever-loved "singing into the hairbrush" type moments.  As a result, The Civil Wars (and this video) have been playing on loop in my apartment today.

I've been feeling like total gunk lately and have been doing my best just to slog around and get things done. Something about Joy and John Paul's soul-tastic oooh-ing above is what I need in a serious way.  Least important (but true, true, true) I covet Joy's wardrobe.

Oh, and have you seen the lyric video for Christina Perri's "The Lonely" yet?  Typewriters galore and more of that tingle-inducing vocal belting.  Warning: Don't watch this if you are feeling even mildly hurty-of-heart. It will not make you feel better.

Time to get going with the day. The sun is shining in the Mission District, there are huevos rancheros to be eaten, books to be read, and theses to be finished. Here we go...

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