Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Medley: An Instagram Update

Welcome to a new week, Conceptual Receptionists!

I stayed unplugged as much as possible this weekend, and happily, a great deal was accomplished on my thesis.  The preface is now finished (hooray!) so the new name of the game is: Revise, revise, revise! 

Because of the epic write-a-thon that's transpired over the last few days, I'm running a little short on words this very moment.  So here is a brief recap of my quiet weekend in Instagram shots!

1) Leafy latte + late night writing at Sugarlump. 2) Mid-day tofu scramble at The Fountain.  3) Study nook and thesis books.  4) Sunday night celebration of one finished preface at Zero Zero

This is certainly a good beginning to a mini-tour of my favorite places in SF.  It is so unspeakably nice to have such deliciousness only blocks away.

More tomorrow, when my weary fingers have recovered!


Danny said...

What is this Instagram? You're supposed to keep me abreast of all nifty things like this so I can steal them and copy you without giving you credit.

Word verification: Refontin. Got nothing.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your productive weekend! You'll have it done in no time :) Great work!

Danielle said...

congrats on getting things done! you've got this! coffee art is awesome - the leaf is a favorite!

Meghan said...

At first, I thought that sign said "candied ice-cream lunches" as if that were all one thing! Most people would think that would be sugar-coma grossness, but I think it sounds great!