Monday, July 4, 2011

Some Surreal Inspiration

I have discovered that doing the following things simultaneously is nearly impossible:
1) Live in amazing city
2) Know that it is summer and that there is amazing weather happening in amazing city (see above.)
3) Ignore 1 and 2 until August 16. Stay inside and write thesis.

In an attempt to keep fuel on the poetry fire, I have become a total inspiration junkie. Today, I can't get enough of San Francisco's Colette Calascione and her surrealist paintings.

"Dream of the Hungry Ghost"
"Internal Landscape"
"The Love Letter"


Meghan said...

I got my own:
1. it is America's Birthday
2. there are fireworks and some tasty pies outside
3. i am inside filling out the moving company application

Meghan said...

wait, I should clarify that the "application" is the one you fill out when you want to move, so they know how big of a truck to send, not for working there.

Companion said...

the first one reminds me of something from this max ernst collage book. buy immediately:

InsidiousTriumph said...

Many thanks for the link to Colette Calascione's works. I'm exceptionally fond of the one titled, "Coincidental Gathering". Once again, thank you for broadening my horizons.

Anonymous said...

I think surrealist works are so interesting! I love thinking of the stories behind the works- what the artist may have been trying to say. I am probably way off base, I'm sure, but it is still intriguing!

Good luck with your thesis! Perhaps if you open some windows while you're working it will bring some of the summer in to you? You can do it! :)